Innovative Private Club Solutions

What We Bring to the Table

We’ve leveraged 60+ years of experience and the institutional knowledge gained from the successful operation of 163 private clubs across the country to develop a time-proven blueprint for success in the private club industry. We build upon the culture, traditions and people that make your club unique. Through continuous development of products, playbooks and technologies, we drive the member experience.

Here’s How We Do It

Club Segmentation
We operate our clubs based on a segmentation model designed to facilitate meaningful and relevant member experiences that resonate with that particular club’s makeup. Our segmentation model is built on the club’s current position in the market, dues and initiation fee levels, and market demographics.

Dynamic Member Experiences
From live concerts and celebrity chef demonstrations to exciting European golf and culture excursions and major tournaments for the PGA, PGA TOUR Champions and LPGA, we deliver programs that take the member experience to new heights.

Commitment to Capital Investments
Since 2007, the company has invested more than $800 million in our clubs with no member capital assessments.

Long-Term Dedication
Invited was founded in 1957 and pioneered the business of professional club management. Our balance sheet is strong and we’re poised for continued growth.

Unrivaled Membership Benefits
Our portfolio includes 163 clubs in 19 of the top 20 markets. With industry-leading membership programs that provide reciprocal golf and dining between clubs, we offer unique benefits and services that help members make the most of their membership.

Staying in the Background
We embrace the traditions, culture, people and experiences that make your club unique while focusing on your members. We care about your employees, members, communities and causes you support.


Shifting demographics, rising operational costs and a highly competitive marketplace present significant challenges to stand-alone private clubs. Acquisition is one of many solutions we make available to private clubs seeking outside assistance.

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“This combination of members and reinvention of club space mark a new beginning for the club that will no doubt bring a fresh energy, new dynamic and so many more opportunities to showcase the club to family, friends and colleagues. I am very much looking forward to all the changes.”

- Max Cameau, Board Member